Core Making

Installed in 2008, our IMF core room sand mixer is considered one of the most flexible sand mixers in the world. Equipped with 5 separate sand bins, mass flow meters and a state of the art software system, this mixer allows us to mix limitless combinations of specialty sands and resin ratios.

Our highly skilled core room staff allows us to routinely handle the most complicated and intricate core assemblies for our sand castings.

  • Airset coremaking with silica and specialty sands
  • Shell coremaking
  • Oil Sand Cores

Automated Flaskless Molding

Our IMF automated molding/pouring line was custom designed to produce the highest quality molds while preserving the flexibility needed to serve customers in an ever changing job shop environment.

    Some features of the line include:
  • Computer controlled resin and sand system
  • Mold sizes from:
  • 15"x20"x12"
  • 44"x44"x32"
  • Flow coating
  • Automatic Closing
  • Computer Controlled Multi-Level Mold Storage

Flasked Floor Molding

Larger and more complicated multi-part molds are made in flasks in our floor molding department. Mold sizes range from:

  • 48"x48"x12" to
  • 100"x100"x72"

Shell Molding

“Chicopee Twin” Machines

  • 15”x20”
  • 20”x30”