Finished Pump casting
3500 lb Pump casting

High Tech Pump Castings for a High Tech World

Wollaston Alloys Inc. produces a wide range of castings for end suction, double suction, multi-stage, vertical turbine, and diaphram pumps.  A variety of casings, covers and impellers ranging from under 10 lbs. to over 5000 lbs. have been cast utilizing both No-Bake and Shell molding processes.

    Key Benefits:

  • We have been producing pressure containing components for over fifty years.  In excess of 50% of the castings produced at Wollaston Alloys are supplied to pump manufactures located throughout the world. 
  • Wollaston Alloys' capability to cast materials ranging from carbon steel, thru stainless steels and nickel base alloys, means we have the ability supply the majority of your casting needs.
  • A wide range of machining capabilities means you can purchase a finished component, fully hydro tested and ready for assembly.